About Us  

About Us

We live in an era of immense globalisation; shaping every human being on the planet to strive to be built upon the roots of technology, information and architecture. What matters to us most, is to overpower the inevitability of conforming with obsolete concepts by inviting and innovating the latest movements of design and development.

Arimac, being the genesis of interactive digital media with the vision of provisioning a unified open platform to creative wizards and technophiles, have now spanned over 14 countries catering more than a hundred of clients globally including Telecom, aviation, oil and gas, banking and faster-moving consumer goods.

What matters to us most is collaboration; collaboration of technology and creativity to revolutionize the world with our on hand creativity. Being one of the leading end-to-end digital service providers in Sri Lanka, we empower ourselves to conceptualize, hunt for passionate designs, develop and execute the notion amalgamating customer-centric principles.


We have comprehended gamification techniques submerged with augmented reality, virtual reality, advanced image processing and heuristic artificial intelligent algorithms along with subjective games and interactive application development.


We have mastered the theories of human psychology in order to paint conspicuous visually stunning picturesque in human eyes. Starting from pencil sketches to 3D animation, VFX, advanced rendering and imaginative concept designs, we are adequate in giving lives to generous ideas.


We have grasped the latest design approaches and development strategies to generate outstanding web and mobile applications along with the integration of telco APIs and continuous integration.


We incorporate the theories of human-computer interaction and ergonomics to plan and compose reciprocal user interface designs and user experience methodologies.


We have identified the doctrines and the importance of customer behaviour and interaction through data modelling and analysing. We have merged the codes of IOT into our design approaches to escalate our spectrum of technology expertise.

Paving the roads of brain drain in Sri Lanka, we have created a tremendous, engaging and an immersive platform. We are boutique but innovative.

We help you expand and explore the horizon.