We are a dynamic, compassionate team of creative designers, developers and researchers who strive to change the world with our on hand creativity. We empower people to place the concept in forefront and hunt for the passionate designs amalgamating the customer-centric principles.

We're not just another conventional web design agency or a boring graphic design firm. We're not just artists or developers boiling eggs. We're a professional team of innovative whizzes who believe that craft matters to propagate businesses!

Founded in 2007 as a virtual company, we have now expanded our physical operations with a professional team continuously strengthening our client base adhering to the quality standards. With more than a half a decade's worth of deliberate hard work under our belt, our experience as a team is unmatched.

We make things happen through a seamless culture and following best practices. We're passionate about what we do and we want to let everyone get a glimpse of what makes Arimac a great place to work.

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Bathiya and Santhush
Corporate Website

www.bnsmusic.com comes with the new look and feel with modern website features. The website is responsive on any digital display device. Deviating from the conventional web designs, this gives out a new look and feel amalgamating the essential corporate features.

Sri Lanka Premier League Live Streaming

What set Arimac apart from the competition was the innovative, cost effective time shifted stream. SLPL needed a 10 mins delay which was more than 100 times the traditional time delay. The normal approach needed much more expensive hardware and added complexity. It’s been said that this innovative approach hasn’t been taken in South Asia until SLPL.

Arimac Lanka
3D Trailer

Bringing completely digital characters and environments to the screen with a visual fidelity never before seen in Sri Lanka, the trailer for our new website illustrates the uncompromising attention to detail we aim for in everything we do. Our graphics unit had to develop new techniques to help overcome the various complications that cropped up along the way.